Thursday, May 2, 2013

PA Chamber of Commerce Embraces Corbett's Big Bong Theory And Why It Is So Wrong To Do So

It is amusing to watch some prominent business association leaders like Gene Barr of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry and David Taylor of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association rush to defend Governor Corbett on his jobs record and drug remarks.  These gentleman who are strong supporters, even architects, of Governor Corbett's failed economic policies want us to believe that Pennsylvania's job struggles are because workers in the Commonwealth cannot pass drug tests.  Really?

If drugs are THE jobs problem, why is this scourge not affecting job creation in California, Texas, New York, and all the other states that collectively created nearly 2 million jobs in America from March 2012 to March 2013?  Is  the drug scourge so much worse in Pennsylvania that it explains why Pennsylvania lost 5,000 jobs in the last year? Do Barr and Taylor really want to suggest that the drug problem is so especially bad in Pennsylvania that it is uniquely crippling our economy here?

That Big Bong theory for Pennsylvania's economy is nonsense.  The leaders of the Pennsylvania Chamber and the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association do not serve their membership well when they act as Republican front organizations first and economic development groups second.  They do, indeed, have the ear of the Governor and should tell him the simple truth that Pennsylvania's economy lost jobs in the last 12 months, even as the nation created about 2 million.

The truth is that Corbett's governorship is a train wreck for Pennsylvania.

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