Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Historic Fact: US Sales of Plug-In Vehicles Top 100,000

Sales of plug-in hybrids in the USA have just pushed past the 100,000 vehicle milestone.
http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1084252_100000th-plug-in-electric-car-in-u-s-sold-today-more-or-less.  Indeed, Plug-In America's sales counter puts the number at 101,686, as of this morning.

While it took a bit more than 2 years for sales to cross the 100,000 mark, 2013 alone could see another 100,000 plug-ins sold in America.  Increasing sales are a function of more choices, better cars, lower prices, more charging stations, and sustained gasoline prices above $3 per gallon.

Even more than price, limited range and few public charging stations remain the electric vehicles primary obstacles.  But progress is being made on both fronts.  The latest Nissan Leaf has increased its range to 124 miles and new public charging stations are being built especially in several Western states.

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