Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Deep Red States Kansas, Oklahoma, & Texas Are Among Top 4 States For New Wind Power In 2012

The Koch Brothers are at war with the wind industry, using their massive wealth to finance a coordinated attack on wind farms from sea to shining sea.  But 2012 was the Koch brothers wind Waterloo.

Though headquartered in Kansas, the Kochs could not stop the wind boom even in there Deep Red backyard.  Kansas ranked third in new wind capacity in 2012, adding an incredible 1,447 megawatts.

Wind found also found a warm embrace yet again in the red states of Texas and Oklahoma that ranked 2nd and 4th in new wind capacity.  Which state ranked 1st?

The biggest blue state of them all--California that installed 1,795 megawatts of new wind capacity just in 2012.

When it comes to wind, there really are no blue states and no red states--just the United States of America!

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