Friday, December 14, 2012

Wind Industry Proposes Phase Out Of Wind PTC

It's not every day an industry proposes ending its tax advantages.  But that's what the wind industry is doing.

Signaling both the maturity of the wind industry and the challenging fiscal circumstances of the country,
the American Wind Energy Association endorses a 6-year phase out of the wind production tax credit.

Under AWEA's plan, the PTC would remain the same in 2013, then decline by 10% per year, until it reaches 60% of the current PTC in year 5 and 6, and then expire after year 6.

One wonders whether wind's example will be followed by every other energy industry.  Actually, I don't wonder about that for more than a split second.


  1. John have you read the recent IPCC working document that acknowledges that the sun is the driving factor of warming and cooling of the planet and human's effect is minimal compared to the sun's activity? It's sure to put the final nail in the coffin of climate alarmist contention that man is mostly responsible. We'll see if this blog is for a fair debate or if you are a preacher for crony capitalism.

    1. I am glad that you are taking the IPCC seriously. That's new. The draft of the 5th report finds that there is a 99% probability that man caused pollution is raising temperatures and seas. It also actually concludes that solar activity does not explain the increases. I am afraid you have misread some of the leaks. Deniers do that. But I suspect you also believed Karl Rove, Dick Morris, and the conservative bubble that Romney would win too. Sometimes science and data destroy radical conservative beliefs. It happens. Climate science and evolution are two examples.

    2. Concerned ScientistDecember 18, 2012 at 9:49 AM

      What a riot. This is comedy right? The IPCC does not do any original research. It reviews the literature on anything to do with climate change every 5-6 years. If someone had written a paper showing that variations in heat from the sun could explain all of the warming of the last 35 years it would have made news that all of us would have heard about. Watt's Up with That and Fox News would have been all over the original paper (if it existed).

      The effect of man IS minimal compared to heat from the sun. If the sun were to go out we would all freeze to death in a matter of minutes. It's just that the amount of heat coming from the sun does not change all that much on an annual or decadal scale. The effect of man has been much greater than the small variations in the amount of heat coming from the sun over the last 35 years. Human activity is driving the vast majority of the temperature increase. The amount of heat from the sun varies on an 11 year cycle and perhaps on a centuries long cycle. The 11 year cycle has gone up and down three times over the last 35 years and the average temperature has just gone up. Every year in the 2000s was warmer than the average of the 1990s. Every year in the 1990s was warmer than the average of the 1980s. Every year in the 1980s was warmer than the average of the 1970s. If it were the sun it would just go up and down and follow the 11 year cycle.

      Don't let yourself get shnookered by these people.