Thursday, December 6, 2012

Driving 13,729 Miles On 35 Gallons: My Sister's Volt's Incredible Performance

My sister just finished 1 year driving her Volt that she purchased in November 2011.  Her miles, mileage, fuel numbers are incredible.  Here they are:

The Volt went 13,729 miles. She used 35 gallons of gasoline, filled her gas tank 5 times, and currently has a full tank.

Her miles per gallon averaged a stunning 392! That is a revolution in transportation.


  1. I wonder what her electricity cost for the vehicle was.

  2. In her case, she has solar panels on her roof and can have a zero monthly electricity bill. She also recharges at work where her employer allows her to do so without charge.

    But typically an electric vehicle costs about 4 cents per mile to run versus 14 to 16 cents per mile for a vehicle running on gasoline.

  3. Do they make a volt with 4 wheel drive!? Hey, with the warming trend of our winter here in NE PA we may not need jeeps! Awesome stats.