Friday, December 21, 2012

Stunning Facts: 33% Doubt Science But Science Doubters Shift On Global Warming

A new poll on global warming has fascinating, important tidbits on public opinion about global warming.  The AP finds that one-third of the population has little or no belief in science, and this large group has been among the most resistant to climate change science.  But something is causing this group to rethink.

Among the science doubting group, acceptance that climate change is real jumped from 47% in 2009 to 61% today.  That's an important change among a key section of the public.

Overall, 78% of the public agrees that the climate is warming.  As always, a hard core of about 20% is impervious to all evidence and science. Among deniers, every piece of new evidence and science supporting unfolding climate change is a trigger for deepening denial.


  1. "The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently."
    Fredrich Nietzsche

    They don't doubt science. They just don't accept the hypothesis that you are pushing due to scientific fraud on the part of the IPCC! Science is never settled and must be rigorously challenged by open minded people who seek the truth. Surveys and polls are subject to bias by people with an agenda and who earn their living pushing solutions to problems that are naturally occurring.

    1. "Surveys and polls are subject to bias.."

      Especially polls by the AP. The Associated Press and Reuters are the two most green biased news services in the world at the present time. They battle each other for supremacy in the green advocacy arena. For green topics, these two news services are as unbiased as Fox News.

      And this website has the nerve to say "Tired of ideological junk? This is your place."



    2. So you think that there has been no shift in public opinion about climate change? Did you feel that way when these same polls showed growing support for the denier position? I suspect then that you felt these polls were accurate. These polls have a history and they show movement in both directions at different times. Ideological junk that is not.

  2. Looks like the trolls have stumbled upon Facts of the Day...