Monday, December 24, 2012

Nuclear Plants In Georgia Face Escalating Delays & Cost Overruns

This is not good news but not surprising.  The official monitor for Georgia regulators of the two nuclear plants under construction filed a report warning that the $14 billion Vogtle plants are now 2 to 4 years behind schedule.
Such delays will balloon costs that are already $900 million over budget.

Of course, the Georgia plants are being built where consumers are captive and pay everything that the regulated monopolist can convince its state regulators to put into an electricity bill.  Indeed, electricity customers in Georgia have been paying for a couple years for the nuclear plants that are now not likely to start operation before a 2018 to 2020 window.

To state the obvious, it is impossible to finance and build nuclear plants in a competitive generation market like Pennsylvania's where customers can choose their electricity supplier.

And the nasty, expensive surprises are just beginning.  The truth is that building a safe nuclear plant pushes the limits of human engineering and management.

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