Friday, December 7, 2012

As Moratorium Continues, New York Uses 19.9% More Gas For Power In 2012

I am in New York today on campaign business and will be staying through Sunday.  My comfortable stay in New York is made possible substantially by New York's rising use of natural gas, even as its fracking moratorium continues. Indeed, during 2012, New York consumes more and more gas to warm water, heat buildings, and to keep the lights on and, by doing so, is cutting substantially air pollution for its residents and visitors.

New York's gas use for power is sharply up--19.9%--in 2012 through September, compared to 2011.  Moreover, New York imports most of the vast quantities of gas it consumes, and lots of it is fracked shale gas.

In fact, New York's rising gas demand is increasingly supplied by Marcellus shale gas production in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio.

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  1. Do you think most people do not want to realize this dependance or is it just they want the gas, but not by developing it locally?