Monday, December 3, 2012

Water Pollution Horrors In California Remind That Fracking Is Far Down The List Of Major Causes of Bad Water

In the Central Valley of California, 20% of small public water systems in Tulare county don't have safe drinking water.  The extent and the severity of the pollution is shocking.  See  And fracking had nothing to do with it.

This  New York Times story details water pollution horrors that impact the economy and health of entire communities in Tulare county.  The article reminds that protecting our water is vital.

It also reminds that the leading causes of water pollution across the USA do not include hydraulic fracturing.  And strongly regulating gas drilling is needed to keep it that way.

Yet, the huge focus on gas drilling creates the mistaken impression for many people that gas drilling is the major cause of water pollution in the USA. It's not.

And not even close to being so.

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