Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Key Facts: 2012 Electric Car Sales Triple & Set 4 Consecutive Monthly Records

A funny thing happened on the way to the death of the electric car.  Sales of electric vehicles keep rising.

Electric car sales in 2012 will reach 56,000 vehicles or triple the 17,500 sold in 2011.
www.forbes.com/sites/toddwoody/2012/12/06/electric-car-sales-hit-another-record/.  Monthly sales of electric vehicles have set records each of the last 4 months through November.  During 2012, a bit less than 1 of every 200 new cars bought in the US will be an electric vehicle.  It's possible in 2013 that electric vehicles will near 1 in every 100 new cars sold.

The surge in electric vehicle sales is rooted in high gasoline prices,  more electric vehicle choices reaching the market, and improving electric vehicle technology.  In November, the Ford C Max Energi entered with great reviews and solid sales. Soon the Volt and plug-in Prius will be just two of 40 electric vehicle models available to consumers and more choices are already adding up to more sales.

Going forward, three factors will shape the pace of sales of electric vehicles...the price and electric range of EVs; deployment of public charging stations; and the price of gasoline.  During the next decade, odds are good that all three factors will sharply boost the attractiveness and competitiveness of electric vehicles.

Still higher sales will follow.

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