Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stunning Fact: $30 Million Spent On Wisconsin Recalls

An incredible $30 million dollars will be spent in total in the 9 Wisconsin recall elections, according to an article in Monday's Wall Street Journal. Nearly $8 million will be spent in just one of the races.

Voters today have their say in 6 seats now held by Republican incumbents. President Obama carried just one of the 6 seats when he easily won Wisconsin in 2008. Democrats must win 3 of the 6 seats to gain a majority in the state senate that at this moment has a 19 to 14 Republican majority.

It is not just Republicans on the recall hotseat. Prior to today's election, a Democratic incumbent survived easily his recall election, and two more Democratic state senators face a recall vote after today.

The stakes are big enough for $30 million to be spent, making sellers of political advertising winners no matter how the voting turns out.

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