Sunday, August 14, 2011

DEP Shuts Down Lazer Pipeline Project

Following spills on July 29, August 2nd, and August 8th, DEP has shutdown the Lazer Northeast Gathering Company's pipeline project until at least monday, according to Laura Legere of the Scranton Times.  For DEP, three spills in 10 days is at least one too many.

Apparently Secretary Krancer will be meeting on monday with the company to discuss its operations.  Laura Legere quotes DEP officials as saying the shutdown will continue to "at least monday" and that the idling of 25 rigs involved in the project is costing Laser $600,000 per day.

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  1. The shutdown was a result of active concerned residents of Susquehanna County....DEP stated there would be absolutely no shutdown- Spadoni. It was the pressure and public exposure of the events that got this done. Give credit where credit is due John.