Thursday, August 11, 2011

2012 Code Orange Unhealthy Air Alerts

According to an NRDC analysis of 2011 EPA air data, 2012 Code Orange unhealthy air alerts have been issued across America from January to August 2011. California had the top 11 communities with the most Code Orange alerts. Atlanta with 28 Code Orange warnings had the 12th highest number.

Charlotte, Washington DC, Saint Louis, Houston, Baltimore were among the communities with 20 or more warnings of unhealthy air.

How has been the air quality in Pennsylvania? Not among the most polluted, but Philadelhia has had 17 Code Orange days, the Susquehanna Valley 13, Pittsburgh 9, Lehigh Valley 6, and Liberty /clairton 4.

You might think that dirty air is an urban problem. Wrong. You will not find clean air in many national parks. Code Orange alerts have been issued in 9 national parks so far in 2011.

During a Code Orange alert people with cardiac and respiratory conditions, children, and elderly are advised to stay indoors.

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