Wednesday, August 10, 2011

GOP Storm Warning 1: Lose 2 But Hold Wisconsin Senate

Two Wisconsin Republican Senators were recalled last night, shrinking the GOP senate majority in Wisconsin from 19-14 to 17-16.  Only 13 state legislators in the history of the country have been recalled so having two recalled in one night is a remarkable event and signals major disappointment in traditionally Republican areas. 

What are they disappointed about?  Ideological extremism plus poor economic performance. 

Smart Republicans will spin Wisconsin in public as a win by pointing to the fact of its continuing one seat majority, but privately know they have been chastised and move to the center.  But the problem for the GOP is that its Tea Party base has shown that it will beat in primaries centrists and moderates, making any move to the center difficult, even if desired for any number of reasons.

Readers of this blog know that $8 million was spent on one state senate race. The Republican incumbent did hold her $8 million state senate seat in a close race.

Two more Wisconsin recall elections are left where 2 Democratic state senators face recalls, with one in a swing seat.  Expect a lot more money to flood into the swing seat recall race.

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