Friday, August 19, 2011

Sierra Club Financed CMU Life Cycle Gas Study

The genesis of the CMU life cycle gas study remains mysterious, and the study itself has yet to get much attention, though that is changing a bit.

But the Sierra Club to its great credit provided some financial support for the study.  See the acknowledgements section of the study, where the researchers thank the Sierra Club for financing it and also make very clear that the findings, opinions, conclusions, recommendations in the study are those of the 6 CMU researchers and not the Sierra Club.  I too am making that distinction clear.

You can link to the study at

If you want to read the best article available so far on the CMU study, go to The reporter of the piece is Joel Kirkland.

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  1. Hi John, Thanks. The eenews copy of the Joel Kirkland linked article requires a password, or trial to read.

    For those that can not do that, Scientific American also posted a copy, if it is the same.