Wednesday, August 10, 2011

GOP Storm Warning 3: GOP Approval Plummets

Voters are saying to the GOP, "can you hear us?"  The Debt Limit Debacle has moved polls strongly against the GOP. 

The CNN poll put approval of the Republican Party at the lowest levels in the 30 year history of the question.  Just 33% approve and 59% disapprove of the Republican Party.

The July poll found 41% approval for the GOP and 55% disapproval, showing substantial decline at a time when Congresswoman Bachmann and Tea Party Republicans were saying that they would never vote to lift the debt limit and that even a default was not a bad thing.

Such behavior is reckless, even crazy, and damaging to employers and employees. Bad policy is bad politics, in this case. General Election voters don't like the debt limit militancy of the Tea Party that has had a negative impact on the economy, though Republican primary voters may well.

And what about public opinion of the Democratic Party?  CNN found 47% approving and 47% disapproving.  In these sour times, those are strong numbers.

Smart Republicans know this morning that they have political opportunities and major, self-inflicted wounds.

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