Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Private Sector Job Facts 2007-2011

Job creation numbers can be a fighting topic as the kerfuffle between the Keystone Research Center and the Marcellus Shale Coalition shows.  The topic is tension producing, because the nation has been traumatized by a decade of poor job creation, followed by an historic plunge in jobs.

The Great Recession began in November 2007 and came on the heels of an economy that created very few jobs from 2001 until it started.

Here are the monthly average private sector national job numbers for the period 2007-April 2011

2007--Plus 50,000 per month

2008--Minus 380,000 per month

2009--Minus 350,000 per month

2010--Plus 110,000 per month

2011--Plus 160,000 per month

The plunge in employment peaked in January 2009 when an incredible 747,000 jobs were lost in that month alone.

By January 2010 jobs loss had been stopped, with essentially zero jobs lost or created.

What about public sector jobs in local, state, and federal governments?

There are 500,000 less government jobs now than in January 2009.

If current trends continue, it will take to about 2015 to claw our way back to the total number of jobs that existed prior to the start of the Great Recession.

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