Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Path to the Low-Carbon Economy: Renewable Energy and Natural Gas

The Worldwatch Institute has a must read report entitled: "Powering the Low-Carbon Economy: The Once and Future Roles of Renewable Energy and Natural Gas."  See  Saya Kitasei is the author of the paper.

I will be dialoguing with her and other panelists today at the PennFuture Energy Conference in Camp Hill about the topic of her paper.  It will be a lively, informative discussion.  The panel begins at 9:15 and PCN will be televising live the panel and the entire conference that begins with an address by Senator Casey at 8:30.

Germany is moving to 35% renewables by 2022 and will be using gas to enable that shift.  California gets about 55% of its power from gas and plans to be at about 30% renewables as well in 10 years.

Renewables and gas are becoming the dominant power sources in advanced economies.

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