Friday, June 3, 2011

Boone Pickens Fires Back At Right Wing Ideologues to Defend Natural Gas Vehicles

Grover Norquist and the Club for Growth have picked a fight with a man unafraid to tumble--Boone Pickens.  Grover and his merry band of right wing ideologues have been attacking the Natural Gas Act, a bill in Congress designed to promote natural gas vehicles.  These attacks caused already Republican support to waiver for the Natural Gas Act.

Pickens is now firing back at Grover and his brigades.  See

Pickens sides with most Americans in thinking that our addiction to oil is dangerous since 70% is foreign, is expensive because it sure is, and dirty which it is too.  The Natural Gas Act is common sense, but it offends right wing ideology.

Simply put, strong policy is needed to break our dangerous, expensive, and dirty oil addiction.

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