Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bachmann Rising & White House Cheering

Congresswoman Bachmann has had a great month and nobody is happier than President Obama's political team. 

Congresswoman Bachmann is tied with Governor Romney in Iowa, according to the respected Des Moines Register Poll this month.  Public Policy Polling also has Bachmann leading in Montana and Oregon (

Political analyst Chris Matthews is among a number of pros who are now predicting Congresswoman Bachmann will win the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

This blog in March identified Bachmann as a major force, pointing to her remarkably strong fundraising.

But there are two potential flies in the ointment for Bachmann: Rick Perry and Sarah Palin.

Both Perry and Palin would compete with Bachmann for the 60% of Republican primary voters who oppose Romney.  Romney needs preferably both Perry and Palin in the race but at least one of them to split the conservative Republican vote.

Romney's wish will almost certainly be granted by Governor Perry, though Sarah Palin may still be teasing a week before the Iowa caucuses.

Perry will run well in the South and damage Bachmann, making it possible for Romney to win the nomination.  That would stop the cheering in the White House.

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