Friday, June 3, 2011

DEP Confirms to Patriot-News Zero Drilling Water Discharges

Don Gilliland has the story. 


This is a major milestone.  Pennsylvania now has less drilling wastewater going into its rivers and streams than prior to the first Marcellus well being drilled in 2005.

For decades Pennsylvania had a gas drilling industry and had been discharging drilling wastewater to rivers and streams without treatment for Total Dissolved Solids.

Congratulations to all involved--DEP and Secretary Krancer, environmental organizations, drinking water suppliers, and the gas industry itself.

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  1. Seems like good news indeed. Why are people more upset about MS wastewater than they have been about the wastewater you mention that's been going into PA waters for decades (has that been from shallow wells?).

    I'm also interested in your thoughts on DEP's recent recommendations for Oil and Gas Act updates? Are they strong enough? Are they likely to be adopted and passed as is?