Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Rooftop Solar PV Record Set

The North American record for the largest rooftop solar system once  held by Glaxo Smith Kline at a warehouse in York, Pennsylvania is in the process of being broken.

An incredible 9 megawatt solar PV system is under construction on the roof of a building at the Holt Terminal located right by the Walt Whitman Bridge that crosses the Delaware River in New Jersey.

The 9 megawatt system will be finished this fall and supply enough electricity for 1500 homes.  The capital costs of the system is $42 million. 

Sun Power is providing the panels with a system that does not require penetration of the roof as the method for securing the system.

Roof top solar continues to boom around the country.  Their scale is reaching a point where they will impact transmission planning and reduce what otherwise would have been bigger new transmission investment needs.

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