Thursday, June 2, 2011

The List of Drinking Water Suppliers Doing Additional Testing in Response To NYT

14 drinking water suppliers have been doing since March 11, 2011 ADDITIONAL testing (beyond their normal extensive testing) of their finished drinking water and in-stream water supply.  The 14 suppliers are testing for radionuclides and for Total Dissolved Solids to determine whether gas drilling or any other pollution source is contaminating their water in any manner.

Here is the full list: Aqua PA-Emlenton. Authority of the Borough of Charleroi, Beaver Falls Municipal Authority, Brackenridge Borough Water Department, Buffalo Township Municipal Authority, Midland Borough Municipal Authority, Newell Municipal Authority, Pennsylvania American Water Company-Clarion, Pennsylvania American Water Company-Pittsburgh, Tri County Joint Municipal Authority, United Water, West View Borough Municipal Authority, and Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority. 

These 14 suppliers were directed to do more testing due to their proximity to treatment plants that were processing drilling wastewater and discharging it.

All 14 took samples by April 11th.  The additional TDS testing will be done quarterly and the radionuclide testing once per year.  My understanding is that the results to date show drinking water meets Safe Drinking Water Act requirements.

Pennsylvania American Water Company (PAWC) and Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (which is not on the list) released their test results for radionuclides that showed no contamination.  See earlier postings. PAWC also did an extensive battery of testing for other contaminants and released those results that again showed no contamination.

The good news is apparently close to no news.  Most Pennsylvanians have had little or no opportunity to read all about it.


  1. Dear Mr. Hanger,
    I appreciate the non-ideological presentation of facts on your blog - thank you! I did want to assure you that many of the 15. 6 million water consumers in Southeastern PA would be eager to see those test results! Are they available?
    Liz R.,

  2. Liz:

    Pawc and Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority have released the results. See earlier posts here for links and details.

    The results of the other testing is public information and should be available.

    It may have been released. I will check around.