Friday, June 10, 2011

MIT Confirms Gas Will Cut Heat Trapping Pollution--BIG TIME

An MIT study group of 30 faculty members and graduate students published yesterday a must read study on natural gas.  Its main conclusion: "Natural gas will play a leading role in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions over the next several decades, largely by replacing older, inefficient coal plants..." See The Future of Gas authored by the MIT Energy Initiative.

It is time to be direct.  Shutting down shale gas hurts efforts to get toxics out of the air and reduce carbon emissions.  Regulating strongly gas drilling and excellent operations by gas production companies is needed to make real the benefits made possible by natural gas.

Shale gas has boosted substantially natural gas supplies and lowered its price.

One result is that natural gas can now replace cost effectively significant amounts of coal generation.

MIT found that natural gas by itself can cut quickly and economically carbon emissions from the power plant sector by 20%.

When natural gas is combined with energy efficiency to reduce demand, the carbon reductions reach 50% of the total carbon emissions.

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