Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Stunning Fact: 25% Of America's Residential Solar In 1 Utility Service Territory

While solar panels can be seen in growing numbers around America, an amazing 25% of home solar systems can be found in the service territory of Pacific Gas & Electric, an electric utility serving a substantial portion of Northern California. At least, that is what Business Week reports in this interesting article about how solar is exploding and undermining the traditional utility business model.

The large concentration of solar in PGE service territory reflects the fact that California still dominates the US solar market.  Indeed, about 50% of the homes that are using solar to net meter are in California.

But what started in California is not staying there.  Rapid solar growth is taking place in numerous markets, including sun drenched Arizona and Hawaii, but also Colorado, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

The on-going boom of solar around the USA means the days are numbered, when the service territory of Pacific Gas & Electric has 25% of America's residential solar systems.

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