Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Political Fact: 6% Of Scientists Remain Registered Republicans

In the 1968 Presidential election, Richard Nixon got 43% of the popular vote and did well with scientists, winning 31% of physicists, 52% of geologists, and more than 60% of agriculture scientists.

That was then. By 2009, Pew found that just 6% of scientists remained registered Republicans.

Why have scientists left the GOP?  Perhaps, because the GOP left them, as explained by this tweet:



  1. I this Japanese device to change plastic back into oil is legitimate, why aren't we doing yet?

  2. Let's be honest, John. There isn't much factual information in this article. Mostly, it's a few guys whining about an issue that isn't necessarily a problem. Maybe Republicans no longer choose "scientist" as a profession because they are applying their science knowledge to market, engineering or manufacturing endeavors, instead of choosing to be called scientists. I could sit around and speculate why this is, too, but ultimately it doesn't mean much.

    1. You may be right. Yet, based on my experience, this is one of the changes that is hurting the GOP among the young and those with post graduate education. Both are big and growing demographic groups.