Monday, September 30, 2013

New York City's Clean Air Must Not Come At The Expense Of Dirty Air In Pennsylvania's Gas Fields

On Friday, a report was released that stated that New York City's air was the cleanest in 50 years, and that 800 lives would be saved each year as a result. This is obviously good news.

For its clean air, New York City can thank regulation that is forcing dirty oil burning buildings to switch to natural gas and low-sulfur oil for heat. And a great deal of the gas New York City is using comes from Pennsylvania, where residents of gas drilling areas rightly are insisting that state government make gas drillers and pipelines use the best pollution controls on engines, compressor stations, drilling sites and more.

Simply put, the clean air of New York City must not come at the expense of dirty air in areas where gas drilling is concentrated. The technology exists that can cut air emissions by 90% at compressor stations and in other parts of gas production. But this available, effective technology is not used all the time. That must change!

Those in Pennsylvania's gas drilling communities as well as New York City have a right to breathe clean air and to breathe easy. Let's make sure all do!

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  1. Nice story - I mentioned this preference 2 years ago to people from NY and that area that were concerned about natural gas development in PA and NY. I find this very strange. Individuals are so disconnected where their water, food, and energy is produced or developed and they only really seem to care when they think these activities are getting to close to them. Just a comment - Does not apply to all.