Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Disturbing Facts: TEPCO Uses New Equipment To Measure Radiation At Fukushima And Finds Massive Doses In Water

Sometimes you read an article and just hope it's wrong. That's my reaction to the report that Tokyo Electric Power workers just got new radiation measurement equipment and immediately found massive and lethal doses of radiation in water at the site.

According to NBC News, the workers at Fukushima had been working with devices that could record only a maximum dose of 100 millisieverts per hour.  They just got new ones that had a top reading of 10,0000 millisieverts per hour.  Quickly readings of 1,800 were measured in water at the site, enough radiation to be lethal in 4 hours.  In Japan, nuclear workers are limited to 50 millisieverts per YEAR.

It's amazing to me that workers at Fukushima for more than 2 years since the calamity had inadequate radiation measuring systems. At this point, I am not sure what is more disturbing--the 2-year delay in getting the new measuring systems or the 1,800 millisiverts per hour reading they documented. Both are really disturbing facts.

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