Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stunning Fact: Solar Provides Germany 50% Of Power At Peak Hour

Germany is the world's fourth biggest economy, a modern, industrial powerhouse.  And at 2pm on Sunday, July 7th, solar provided 50% of the entire country's electricity. Wow!

For all of Sunday, July 7, solar produced 20% of Germany's electricity consumption.  Also amazing!

While these peak solar production records in Germany are impressive, solar provides about 5% of Germany's total electricity consumption throughout the year.  One reason for the small annual contribution from solar in Germany is its poor solar resource--similar to Alaska's and much worse than Pennsylvania's or California's.  Another reason is that pesky problem of sunset and night. Despite these limits, solar is now an important part of powering Germany.

Given the natural limitations on solar in Germany, this can be said: If solar can make it in Germany, it can make it anywhere.

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