Monday, July 29, 2013

Deluge Fact: Philadelphia Gets 8 Inches Of Rain In 4 Hours & Sets All-Time Record

Yesterday, the skies just opened over Philadelphia and 8 inches of rain fell in 4 hours.

The deluge set an all-time record in Philadelphia for rain in a day and broke the old record by more than 20%. That's smashing the old record or like cutting the 100 meter world record by a full second. It just does not happen.  But it did.

The old record was 6.6 inches set in 1999 as a hurricane moved through the area.  While the deluge poured forth in Philadelphia, just 100 miles away in Hershey, where I live, there was not a drop. Just amazing.


  1. Another clear sign of climate change. Fred K. Pittsburgh, Pa.

  2. Yes - it's not clear whether or not John H. Is aware that warmer air holds significantly more moisture, so the increase in dangerous deluges and surge in floods, not just here but globally, is due to climate change. That's rather more disturbing than amazing. I wonder exactly what Hanger's platform on climate change is? It would be shocking if it was based on as accurate as possible calculation of the astonishing rates of methane leakage to our atmosphere due to life-cycle shale gas emissions - but we are ready to be amazed.

    1. Iris:

      I have been fighting climate change for 15 years. I led the campaign for Act 70 that was passed in 2008 and required DEP to write a Climate Action Plan. I chaired the writing of the plan that was done in 2009 and will cut PA's carbon emissions by moe than 100 million tons and create 65,000 jobs. I will implement this plan and am the only candidate who has said he/she will implement the PA Climate Action Plan. I also worked on the very first wind farms in PA in 1999 and 2000. Nobody has done more for renewables or to address climate change in PA than me for longer or with more success. And yes I know and have said repeatedly that the atmosphere contains about 5% more moisture. And the Susquehanna river is running 4 degrees warmer than in 1970. My website at in the environment section has a lot of these and more plans/details.