Thursday, July 25, 2013

How Not To Govern: Corbett Administration Won't Hold Hearing About Drilling Water Impoundment

The Corbett Administration continues to give the public who have questions and concerns about gas drilling the back of its hand.  The latest example comes from Cecil Township in Western Pennsylvania, and this is what the Observer-Reporter said in an editorial:

The idea that the state Department of Environmental Protection, under the Corbett administration, works primarily for the benefit of the people of Pennsylvania took another hit last week when it became clear that the DEP has no interest in hearing the questions and comments of those who live near the Worstell impoundment in Cecil Township.

This behavior from the Corbett Administration has been repeated too many times to count.  The result is a massive loss of public confidence in Pennsylvania's regulation of the gas industry.

Restoring public confidence in the Pennsylvania's oversight of the gas industry will require considerable work by a new Governor.  One step to doing so must be creating a Gas Drilling Complaint Office that will professionally and independently investigate complaints about gas drilling operations.

My plan for excellent gas drilling regulation and enforcement would also prohibit the use of impoundments or pits to store gas drilling waste water.  You can read my plan here:

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