Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stunning Fact: Gas Industry Has Paid $500 Million To Repair Roads In PA

One of the biggest local impacts from gas drilling is large trucks in great numbers on country roads that were not built to withstand them.  Predictably, the roads don't do well, with some being reduced to mud trails.

Damage is real, and inconvenience is inescapable.  But the gas drilling industry pays for damage done.  To date, the gas industry paid $500 million to repair roads just in Pennsylvania.

When repairing roads, the industry will sometimes improve them so that they can withstand heavy use by trucks. Yet, damage and the repair bills keep coming due. According to State Impact PA, the gas industry is currently repairing 400 miles of roads in three counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania.


  1. if I break my neighbor's window, I replace it or pay to have it replaced. I would not expect to be praised for it. Gas companies destroy the roads so gas companies should pay for the repair. It does not compensate for the lack of a real severance tax. Who will pay for the other consequences of the industry? I think we know the answer to that.

  2. Does it matter that they pay for some of the damage that they do to the roads when the receive so many give aways? It's not even near what they should be paying!!