Thursday, July 11, 2013

Money Fact: Private Sector Invests $300 Billion In Renewable Energy, With Policies Effectively Leveraging Private Investment

All energy sources benefit from a dizzying array of government incentives, but those going to renewable energy leverage massive private investment.  A study finds that $300 billion of private investment has been made in renewable energy just since 2004 and that state portfolio standards triggered $100 billion.$100-Billion-in-Private-Investment-For-Clean-Energy.

Twenty-nine states have renewable energy portfolio standards, and those standards leveraged $100 billion of private investment without taxpayer funds.  Political battles broke out during 2013 over the RPS policies, as ALEC and Koch brothers targeted them for repeal.  But those attacks on the state standards were political losers in all states and even in North Carolina and Kansas that are totally controlled by Republicans.

Moreover proponents of state renewable standards did not just play defense.  In several Blue states, like Colorado, New York, and Massachusetts, state renewable standards were expanded and strengthened.

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