Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hanger Marijuana Reform Plan Released Today

Today, I am releasing a 3-step Marijuana Reform Plan. First, allow medical marijuana to be prescribed to sick patients that need cannabis. Second, decriminalize in 2015 possession of small amounts of marijuana. Third, regulate and tax marijuana in 2017 if decriminalization goes well. Here is the link:

It is time to stop denying people who need cannabis for medicine. It is time to stop ruining people's lives over a joint.  It is also a fact that African Americans are arrested for possession 5 times more frequently than whites, though usage is almost identical.

It is also time to stop spending $325 million per year of taxpayer money to arrest, prosecute, and jail about 25,000 Pennsylvanians for possession of small amounts of marijuana.


  1. Thanks for taking a thoughtful position on this issue. I look forward to learning more about what seems to be a very common sense approach.

  2. You've got my vote. We need to bring Pennsylvania out of the dark ages. Marijuana decriminalization is a must. Also, let's allow local police to use radar like the other 49 states.

  3. I renewed my driver's license today, AND I registered to vote while there, so I could support you during this election. The laws are so ridiculous when it comes to this and they truly need to be changed. Thank you for being willing to take a look at this situation.

    1. Thank you very much. Our campaign is surging! We do need small donations that can be made at www.hangerforgovernor.com.