Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Volt Update: 4,000 Miles On 16 Gallons

Look no further than my sister's excellent experience with her Volt to see why Volt sales skyrocketed in March to over 2,100 cars.

During a wonderful Easter weekend, my sister said that she had driven her Volt 4,000 miles on 16 gallons.  She is averaging about 250 miles per gallon, using the car principally for a 40-mile total commute and local trips.

A 25 miles per gallon car would have required 160 gallons to go 4,000 miles.  Fuel costs would have been $608, assuming $3.80 per gallon.  My sister's gasoline costs amount to $60.80 or a gasoline savings of about $550.

Her electricity costs are probably less than $90, making her bottom line savings approximately $450 since November 2011.

Clare normally charges at home and her place of work.  She, however, did charge once at the Baltimore Airport.  Public charging stations are being built but still are unusual.

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  1. What about the added costs of the GM bailouts that allowed the Volt to be produced? I know the numbers are hotly debated, but curious as to your take on it.