Thursday, April 26, 2012

Green Power & Jobs Flow At Susquehanna River Hydro Project

Attacking the existence of green jobs is as necessary for good standing in the conservative movement as denying climate change.  These assaults, however, run into the reality of projects like the on-going upgrade of the Holtwood hydro facility on the Susquehanna river that create hundreds of manufacturing and construction jobs, as well as zero pollution power for consumers.

Manufactured by Voith Hydro in its York, Pennsylvania factory, two large turbines are being added to PPL's Holtwood hydro facility on the Susquehanna river that will boost its power generation capacity from 108 to 230 megawatts.  The new turbines will produce enough additional power to supply another 100,000 homes.

I have toured the Voith Hydro factory in York.  It is a world-class operation that manufactures large power generation equipment and sends its products around America and the world.

Green jobs and green power are real and bigger than ever at Voith Hydro and the Holtwood hydro facility located in Pennsylvania.

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