Monday, April 9, 2012

New Record Set For North America's Largest Rooftop Solar System: See Amazing Photo!

The record for the largest rooftop solar system in North America keeps falling.  Two years ago, it was 3 megawatts at a warehouse serving GlaxoSmithKline in York County, Pennsylvania.  Then it was a 5.38 megawatt system for Toys "R" Us in Flanders, New Jersey.

Now it is a 9 megawatt giant at the Gloucester Marine Terminal, again in New Jersey, close to the Walt Witman Bridge that connects the Garden state to Pennsylvania.  The link has an amazing photograph of the system, with the Philadelphia skyline in the background.

The 9 megawatt giant rooftop system covers 1.1 million square feet and will provide enough power for the equivalent of approximately 1400 homes.  Records are made to be broken, but breaking the 9 megawatt mark for a rooftop solar system is not going to be easy.

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