Wednesday, April 11, 2012

See Video and Review Of Pro Publica "Middle Ground" Fracking Forum

You can watch the Pro Publica "Middle Ground" Fracking Forum by going to  I do detect, though with lapses, more care about facts and more attention to real issues versus pro or con talking points.

Concerned Scientist has provided his review of the forum in the Comments section of the April 9th posting.  It is worth reading. 

I would like to see more comparative analysis in the discussion, as an informed judgment about the promise or perils of fracking is impossible without it. 

How does gas compare to coal, oil, nuclear, biofuels, large hydro, biomass, wind, solar on water impacts?  What are the biggest impacts on water quality?  Where does gas drilling and its impact on water rank among the top 5 or top 10 polluters of water?

But the monday session was a step toward a fairer, fuller discussion of the issue and toward finding the lost middle ground.

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