Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Game Changer: Dow Solar Shingles On Sale In Texas, California & Colorado

"It isn't on the roof, it IS the roof," says Dow of its Powerhouse Solar Shingle.  The Dow solar shingle has dual functionality, serving as both a roof material and a power source. Without hyperbole, Dow says it is "reinventing the roof."

Yesterday, Dow announced that its solar shingle was now available in Texas and California, in addition to Colorado.  Dow is distributing the product through selected roofing contractors.  The solar part of the shingle is made with thin film, and the system is capable of powering a home.

This breakthrough product looks great and is a finalist for the Edison Awards Best New Product in the Building Materials Category.  Dow is manufacturing this highly innovative, practical product in Michigan.  It is a game changer for both the home energy and  solar markets.

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