Monday, April 2, 2012

The Odds Of Picking A Perfect NCAA Bracket

As many of us prepare to watch the NCAA final tonight and look at the ruins of our brackets, back on Selection Sunday, what were our odds of picking a perfect bracket?

Your chance of picking perfectly all 63 games was 1 in 35.4 billion, according to the Book Of Odds ( and Erik Holm writing in the Monday, March 26 Wall Street Journal at Section C, page 3. Holm adds that a company that has being insuring contest prizes for picking a perfect NCAA bracket for more than a decade says 59 right picks is the most it has ever seen.

This year high seeded teams did better than last year, but it was not a good one for those who picked number 1 seeds to make the Final Four or Duke to win it all (probably just me).  While a Kentucky versus Kansas final is hardly a shocking match up, probably it was yet another good year to be in the business of receiving insurance premiums for insuring the prize in contests for picking the perfect bracket.

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