Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Truly Climate Game Over Fact: China Uses More Than Half Of World's Coal In 2012

For the first time, China used in 2012 more than half of the world's coal or 50.2% to be precise.

Chinese coal consumption rose 6.1% in 2012 and outstripped strong Chinese coal production.  China produced 3.5% more coal in 2012 and 47.5% of the world's coal.  Chinese production and consumption of coal powered coal to its highest share of global energy--29.9%--since 1970.

By comparison, coal production dropped 7.5% and coal consumption fell 11.9% but declining coal use in 2012 was uniquely an American energy fact.  Despite the US declines in 2012, America produced 13.4% and consumed 11.7% of the world's coal during 2012.

But the dominant global energy fact of 2012 was Chinese coal consumption that powered coal to its best year in the last 43. In terms of climate, already enormous and still rapidly growing Chinese coal consumption remains the true "Game Over" fact..

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