Thursday, June 13, 2013

Governor Corbett Fires DCNR Secretary Allan: Why?

Governor Corbett's administration is crumbling faster than Pennsylvania'a roads and bridges that are the worse in the nation.  Today brought the shocking news that the Governor fired Secretary Allan of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.  Secretary Allan's departure brings the total of cabinet secretaries leaving Corbett's side to a big five.

Speculation about the reasons for the firing are rampant, and some are suggesting Allan's departure is connected to the controversy about drilling in the Loyalsock State Forest.  Really?

Secretary Allan has loyally followed the mistaken environmental, conservation, and drilling policies of Governor Corbett.  If the Governor fired him over the Loyalsock State Forest case, the Governor fired Allan for following his orders.

Political panic is sweeping through the Corbett Administration, as more and more Pennsylvanians realize that Governor Corbett just is not up to the tough job he has.  And so perhaps Secretary Allan is being made to walk the plank for political reasons.  But my gut tells me not so.

The Governor owes the people of Pennsylvania an explanation right now about why he fired Secretary Allan.  No matter what the Governor may say about the latest cabinet secretary departing, his administration is imploding, as a result of incompetence right at the top.

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  1. Thanks for this post, John. I was interested in your take, and hope that you continue to write on this issue.