Friday, June 7, 2013

In Two States, 80% Of Drilling Companies File Frac Focus Reports On Time But 20% File Late: What's The Right Response?

Many states have made reporting to Frac Focus part of their chemical disclosure requirements, and a new analysis finds that 20% of the required reports were late in Pennsylvania and Colorado.

So what's the right response from regulators, when 80% of the industry complies with an important regulatory rule, but 20% fail to do so? Is it effectively to treat the same those companies who comply and those who do not? 

Regulators in Pennsylvania and Colorado imposed no penalties against those companies reporting late.  By taking no action, regulators do send a message to those who did comply and those who did not. 

It is a message, however, that undermines excellence in operations and public confidence.

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  1. Consequences...without them what is the reason for even bothering to have them report? I used the "time out" chair at school and at home...very effective. It's not just this reporting with Frac Focus. Just take a look at the violation reports. I have been following them since 2008.Repeat violations, over and over, no fine, no "time out" chair! The gas companies know that chances are they won't be caught, if they are cited they most likely will not pay a fine, if they do pay a fine it will be a drop in the bucket compared to what they are stealing from the folks(they pay less than 12.5 to many)and the state without a severance tax. So why would they comply with reporting? No matter what they do or don't do they get to continue to operate. The elected officials of PA have created this climate. You reap what you sow. It is hard to deal with a bully but start with the time out chair..translation lost operation time=lost money and money is the only thing that matters to this industry. Can you imagine any other industry not disclosing their chemicals? You can thank another elected official for that!