Monday, June 24, 2013

Natural Gas Used To Generate Electricity Drops 10% In 2013 & 12% in 2014

Natural gas consumption by the nation's power plants has dropped substantially, a full 10%, in 2013.

EIA projects that natural gas consumption will be down 12% in 2014 too.  As natural gas prices have risen above $3 and $3.50 for a thousand cubic feet, the nation's electricity production is switching from gas back to coal.

The reality remains that in the marketplace the daily choice is primarily between gas or coal, not between gas or nuclear or gas and renewable energy sources. Denying this reality guarantees poor policy outcomes for the environment and economy.

Despite the decline in gas used in electricity production, total gas demand is remaining essentially flat with 2012 levels, as gains in other sectors offset the declines at power plants.

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