Friday, June 7, 2013

Stunning Fact: Shale Gas Now 40% Of US Natural Gas Supply, According To Yergin

A decade ago shale gas accounted for 2% of US gas supply, and now it is 40%.  Amazing.

With all that gas coming from shale drilled mostly on private lands, the gas industry could exercise self-restraint about drilling in sensitive places like the Loyalsock State Forest.


  1. Self restraint? Is that like self monitoring? Self reporting? Selfish?

  2. John,
    Are you aware that the Commonwealth (yes under the administration in which you you served) leased Loyalsock state forest acreage for millions of dollars in two separate lease auctions? The state is today collecting millions of dollars in royalties from the Loyalsock S.F. tract 100 which borders the tracts on which you urge industry restraint. Seems a little late to be calling for private mineral owners and the gas industry for restraint.