Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stunning Fact: Running Cars On Electricity Costs $1.14 Per Gasoline Gallon Equivalent

Just imagine. What would the US economy look like if every person now spending $3.65 per gallon for gasoline paid $1.14 per gallon? 

That saving of $2.51 per gallon would increase disposable income for many families by $1,250 to $1,875 and cumulatively turbocharge consumption and investment throughout the US.  And those savings are being already realized by those owners of the more than 100,000 electric vehicles already on US roads.

Now the US Department of Energy has calculated that the national average fuel cost of running an electric vehicle, in fact, is $1.14.  The DOE has launched eGallon, a tool that allows everyone to compare the costs of running a vehicle on gasoline or electricity in every state.  Go to this link:

The failure to move rapidly from oil to alternative transportation fuels remains a massive market and policy blunder.


  1. You're totally right! However, today, in 2013, one also needs to factor in the increased cost of an electric vehicle over conventional gasoline. I think a lot of your saving would evaporate when this is considered. Of course, one hopes that with time the price difference between the two will come down, and the savings you cite can be fully realized.

  2. Sure, but if everyone had electric cars demand would increase pushing the price up.