Thursday, January 3, 2013

The President & Senator Reid Deliver For Wind Power: Wind Has Friends In High Places

Elections have consequences.  And for wind and clean energy the consequences of the 2012 election are good indeed, as I pointed out in the Top 12 Energy Facts (see number 2).

The Wind Production Tax Credit was extended, because boosting wind specifically and clean energy are top priorities of the President of the United States and Senator Reid, the Majority Leader of the United States Senate. For sure the ever bigger, stronger wind industry, clean energy advocates like myself, and environmental groups advocated strongly for this extension.  For sure that work built support to push back against the Koch brothers empire, the Wall Street Journal, and Exelon, all of whom battled to kill the wind PTC.

But when it came time to cut the scaled-back Fiscal Cliff deal and to decide what few things were in it and what many things were not, President Obama and Senator Reid had the muscle and the will to use it on behalf of wind power.   The two made it happen.  Wind has friends in high places.

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