Monday, January 7, 2013

Promised Land Bombing At Box Office

Promised Land is not a gusher at the box office.

It opened nationwide on Friday, when it was showing in 1,676 theaters, but earned a paltry $4.3 million for the weekend. Box Office Mojo states: "While Matt Damon is obviously a star, audiences aren't going to show up for anything he does...the movie should disappear quickly from theaters."

Though $4 million in box office is a bomb, it still means about 500,000 people saw the movie over the weekend.  Lots of people watch box office bombs.

What movie had the best opening night on Friday, January 4th? Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D. It opened in 2,654 theaters, made $10.2 million on Friday, and is expected to make $21-24 million for the weekend.

Movies that bomb at the box office on opening weekend have short runs, as Box Office notes.  If you want to see Promised Land in a theater, don't delay.


  1. Promised Land is no Gasland it is more husband's comment after viewing-"they didn't do their research"...Maybe, since it is a bomb, someone will do a better movie on the subject. There is room for many more books and many more movies. It could get expensive for the gas industry if they have to buy and run ads before a showing of any film that portrays the gas industry as something other than "a good neighbor"...

  2. I'm so happy this liberal propaganda piece bombed.