Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Senate Wind Extension Shows How Much America Is Changing: PTC Is Big News In Colorado

The Fox News affiliate in Denver, Colorado gave prominence to the inclusion of the wind PTC in its reporting of  the Senate's Fiscal Cliff bill and therein lies a window into how fast America changes.

KDVR reported that the Fiscal Cliff bill extended the wind PTC and said doing so was "an important piece for Colorado's new energy economy."  President Obama spent a lot of time in Colorado and Iowa in 2013 and saw how important wind power is to keeping the lights on and employing people in those states.  He saw first hand "Colorado's new energy economy."

The President also quickly understood that supporting wind energy helped him politically in the key swing state of Colorado and that Governor Romney's opposition to the wind PTC hurt him.  America changes quickly, and wind power more than doubled in the President's first term to become a very big business with support and clout in many communities across our land.

In 2013, don't mess with wind in Colorado, Iowa, and many more places.

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