Friday, January 11, 2013

PA's Largest Wind Farm Begins Operation: BP's Meehoopany Wind Farm

One of the pleasures of working on energy in Pennsylvania for 28 years is involvement in many great projects.  As Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, I pushed hard to get wind farms built and encouraged repeatedly BP to bring investment to Pennsylvania to build the Meehoopany wind farm.

The 144 megawatt Meehoopany wind farm is now operational and is Pennsylvania's biggest.  The wind farm was a $250 million project, putting the cost per watt at well below $2.  It required 400 construction workers and will need 10-15 permanent employees.

The wind farm will generate substantial amounts of zero pollution electricity, enough to supply 40,000 homes.  All that power will help to clean the air and keep power prices affordable.  Cleaner, cheaper power, and jobs makes the Meehoopany wind farm a great project for Pennsylvania's future.


  1. John, will you also do a post on the Twin Ridges Wind Farm in Somerset County that was just completed and is almost as big as the Meehoopany Wind Farm (at 140 MW)?
    Fred K.